featherlight and ethereal, like sipping the cleanest water imaginable filtered drop-by-drop thorough millions of years of petrified porous lava. there’s a perfect harmony of bright acidity and flavors of cooling mint, orchard fruits and salted citrus peel, but under it all is that wet distinctive smoky Mt. Etna volcanic minerality. Absolutely fantastic stuff.



The tears in the glass are mine. Wowww. This is orange heaven. tannic and tense with a lively freshness and little to no oxidation despite its 10-years of age. deep, savory, complex and then some crazy stony mouthwash at the end. A single white grape (Ribolla Gialla) aged first on it’s skins giving that fantastic tannic grip and then in underground amphorae for years. There is unbelievable character and love in this bottle and a visit here is now on the bucket list.